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Douglas Stewart
President/Chief Oral Officer

In 1994, Douglas Stewart began his journey in Albuquerque, New Mexico as an oral presentation coach for the federal government contracting community. Now, through his company Stewart Presentations, he continues to provide valuable lessons learned and

critical expertise in guiding proposal teams to a winning formula for success in the U.S. and internationally. These wins have benefited many Top 100 Federal Government Contractors in awards totaling in excess of $40 billion dollars, spanning over 250 federal and state government proposals and over 2000 technical and management presenters.

Stewart Presentations provides these key core services:

  • Government Orals Presentation Coaching and Technical Video Proposal Direction/Production

  • Onsite and/or Virtual Online Presentation Skills Training for Individuals/Groups/Workshops

  • Support for Special FEDSIM Oral Proposal Requirements including Live, Virtual, and Video presentations

  • Orals Volume Leads including Version Control Management/SharePoint & Wall of Truth Organization

  • Live Technical Demonstration Producer/Director/Coach

  • Government Sample Task/Scenario Development/LTDs

  • Preparation/Coaching for Question and Answer Sessions

  • Cleared Trainers for Mission Critical Projects

  • Win Themes/Value Proposition Development

  • Creative and Technical Writing & Editing

  • Team Building and Facilitation

  • Turn-Key, Full-Service Video and Multimedia Production Capability

  • Online Presentation Skills Coming to Your Theaters Soon!!!

Presentation Skills

Professional coaching with vast experience in all types of presentation situations including:



  • Oral Proposals/FEDSIM Video Direction

  • Question and Answer sessions


  • Scenario and Sample Task preparation

  • Live Technical Demonstrations (LTDs)


  • Full rehearsal schedule for one-on-one and group practice sessions


  • Mock Panel Team Member and/or Lead for all color reviews. 

  • Videotaping and playback sessions

  • Optional Remote Coach Support


Specialized Coaching:


  • Coaching for film, television, radio 

  • Townhall meetings


  • Conference room or large convention


  • New media (Internet, DVD, social media)


  • Media interviews 

  • Presentation Skills Workshops (1-3 days)

Proposal Development

Written/Orals Proposal Development

  • Win Themes, Strategies, Discriminators

  • "Wall of Truth" Coordination

  • Version Control and Virtual Proposal Implementation & Maintenance

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Color Review Supervision & Recovery

  • Proposal Production Planning & Scheduling

  • "White Glove" Edits

  • Printing

  • Final Delivery

Multimedia Support

Full-Spectrum Graphics & Multimedia Services 

  • Total Proposal Graphics Support

  • Turn-Key Film/Video Production Capability

  • Conceptual Design

  • Demo Staging and Lighting

  • Environmental Staging Capability

  • ​Presentation Room Design

  • Scenic Design

  • Voice Over and On-Camera Talent Acquisition

  • Animation, PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic software programs

Facilitation/Team Building
  • Technology Symposiums

  • Vision and Mission Statement Development

  • Tailored Facilitation and Team Building to Meet Your Organization's Objectives

  • Off Site and On Site Events

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